Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Do Yourself a Favor

And buy/download/borrow/steal/pirate the Ben Folds Presents: University A Cappella! album For the record, {pun intended}I only condone legally purchasing it, ya jerks. It is glorious. First off, Ben Folds rocks in general. And he is so cool in fact, that he went around the country and got college a cappella groups to sing his songs. Very original, and it paid off. I happened upon this tasty treat whenever I had about $4 in my account, so I was listening to it on lala.com (pandora, but for when you want to listen to specific songs), and that was cool until I had already listened to it all and they limited me to 30 second bits of each song unless I bought it. Not wanting to completely spend the rest of my $4 on something I could not eat, I just kept pitifully playing the 30 second bits. It's that good. So, when I got that paycheck, this was the first thing I spent it on. This is a must have for broadway/Glee/damn I wish I could sing, and still will even though I can't geeks, like myself. Jump for fave songs...
Effington - For anyone who knows me, this is cause I heart the eff word. An appropriate use of (to everyone other than me) an inappropriate word.
You Don't Know Me - I love this song forever because he sings it with Regina Spektor sometimes. Plus, sometimes I want to scream this at people (i.e. write it on their facebook wall in ALL CAPS)
Landed - Great rendition, and the next time I have to get picked up at the airport, I'm going to call someone and sing this.
Army - In my earlier reference to the eff word, I love that these scholarly, classically trained talents sing that word...also the word "mullet," "Chik-Fil-A" (mayjah points for that one), and "redneck."


  1. YaY!!! Now I will just refer people to your blog when they wanna laugh, can't wait to read it girl! Oh and I want KJ to play with mine too=)

  2. Hehe. Okay. I will crack the whip/make her cupcakes.

  3. yes, cupcakes is our new form of currency we decided. yall can make the cupcakes while i slave over designing beautiful blogs so that you may reach a baller status of awesomeness. that's right.